Shots fired in the arrest of wanted fugitives in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – Deputy U.S. Marshals arrested two wanted fugitives in Salt Lake City on Thursday evening, although several others were held for questioning and could be arrested and face charges in the case.

Members of the Violent Fugitive Team (VFAST) visited a house at 1600 West and 500 South around 8:30 p.m., and shortly after announcing who they were and why they were there, were shot by someone inside the house.

The Salt Lake County Unified Police Department SWAT was called in to help after a barrage of gunfire was exchanged.

VFAST took three suspects into custody, two of whom were the target of the investigation, along with a third suspect who was wanted on unrelated warrants.

Anthony Lee Epifanio Welch, 46, and Valarie Humphrey, 48, were arrested.

Welch was wanted for assault and possession of a firearm, is a previously convicted felon and has already been arrested ten times, including one conviction for assaulting a law enforcement officer. He has been arrested by VFAST twice.

Humphrey was wanted on a federal fraud fraud violation, with many previous arrests; she has been arrested by VFAST three times previously and has already served her sentence in Utah State Prison.

Both subjects were enrolled in the Salt Lake County Jail.

Additional information on the US Marshals Service can be found here.

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