Ski season is underway, Utah resorts begin to open ahead of the holidays

COTTONWOOD CANYON, Utah (ABC4) – The 2021/2022 ski season is alive and well in the mountains and the Utahns are flocking to the canyons to enjoy the new trails on opening day at Solitude. Whether it’s a day off or spending quality time with the family, skiers and snowboarders say they are thrilled to hit the slopes.

“It’s good to do good laps on quick laps in the cable car,” says Annie Christensen, an avid Sugarhouse skier.

Utah is known for having one of the biggest snows in the world when it sticks. Loneliness is just one of many resorts that have had to postpone opening day this year due to lack of rainfall in previous months.

Solitude officials said the mountain was originally scheduled to open on Friday, November 19, but decided to push back that day to make sure there was enough snow. Fortunately, we were able to open just before the holidays, when many people have family in town.

Sara Huey, communications manager at Solitude, told ABC4 that “people are really hungry for those outdoor experiences, both exercising and meeting with friends, that they might not feel like. necessarily comfortable being inside “.

According to their social media, the resort has spent most of the past weekend making final preparations for opening day, such as grooming the mountain with artificial snow.

“By the middle of last week, pushing through today, we would be able to snow and open the lifts that we opened,” Huey explains.

Solitude welcomed its day one guests to the resort with donuts, live music, as well as Moonbeam and Link lifts open for powder runs.

Brandee McCarthee and her family are from Louisiana and said today’s opening came at a great time to enjoy Utah’s snow and a first learning ski experience.

“My brother and his wife have been skiing, but it’s been about 15 years, so they’re rookies too,” McCarthee says.

But even for so-called rookies, pro skiers, or anyone who just had a fun day in the mountains, visitors say they plan to make the most of the 2021/22 ski season.

“I’m going to teach my daughter-in-law to snowboard this year, she has always skied, but she suddenly decided she wanted to snowboard,” says Annie Christensen of Sugarhouse.

Solitude says they have revamped their COVID-19 protocols, a mask is not needed outside elevators, but for those inside, a mask is required unless you are sitting at a table in the process to eat or drink. They also advise anyone going to the resort to check conditions in advance.

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