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Get your beach towels and swimming gear ready, Splash Summit Water Park is ready for guests.

Splash Summit Water Park in Provo, Utah’s largest water park, announced this week that it will open at 10 a.m. Saturday for its second season since taking over the former Seven Peaks Waterpark.

“Our guests and our team members are all set for fun in the sun back,” said Jodi Johnson, Managing Director. “Last year we were fortunate enough to stay open all summer and operate the park safely, according to local health department guidelines, and this year we plan to continue to provide a safe environment. where families and friends can spend time together.

“I think there will be an amazing reunion this summer for families and friends,” Johnson added.

As promised at the end of last year, the Splash Summit Water Park has completed a quarter-stretch of multi-year renovation on the man-made river. The all-new Rainforest River is set to debut on opening day.

“The Rainforest River has completely elevated the park’s status and will delight guests as they float around this new masterpiece enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest,” said Spencer Shumway, owner. “This is only the first step towards a fully elevated experience at the water park.

“Over the weeks, months and years, you will feel noticeable differences at the park, and we are thrilled with the changes that are taking place here,” added Shumway.

The new Rainforest River was announced in September 2020 and staff members worked around the clock to ensure it opened on time.

The multi-million dollar, Disney-esque renovation includes an all-new look for a quarter-stretch of the river with trees, plants, shrubs, and even a Mayan temple. The renovation also includes new pumps, motors, lights and propulsion system for the river.

World-renowned landscaper Stefan Lukowski helped design the rainforest, where many plants are handcrafted, according to Nick Strong, vice president of marketing.

“Stefan has worked at Provo Beach Resort, Baja Mar Resort and several prominent celebrity homes,” Strong said.

With over 15 water attractions, including five slides, a 500,000 gallon wave pool, and the all-new Rainforest River, Splash Summit is a clear summer destination.

“Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for families and friends to make lifelong memories,” said Strong.

“The all-new Rainforest River will transform the current Lazy River into a rainforest backdrop as guests float along the pristine river,” said Strong. “In addition to the new theme, the river will receive new waterfalls and other aquatic features as well as new pumps and motors that will increase flow and filtration.

The grassy areas of the water park have been upgraded and new restaurants will be opened, including Good Grinds Hawaiian Cuisine, according to Strong.

Splash Summit will be offering the public season passes for $ 49.99. Daily Herald users can get their season passes for just $ 34.99 using promo code DAILY. For more pricing information, visit the Splash Summit website www.splashsummit.com.

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