Teams search for missing Ogden man in Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. – Search and rescue teams in Yellowstone National Park try to locate a missing Ogden man after his relative’s body was found along the shore of a lake.

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Kim Crumbo, 74, of Ogden, and her half-brother Mark O’Neill were reported late returning from a four-night trip to the backcountry on Sunday. Crews spotted a canoe, paddle and other belongings on the south side of Shoshone Lake on Sunday.

On Monday, O’Neill’s body was found on the eastern shore of the lake.

A team of 10 is currently searching the area to locate Crumbo, who, along with O’Neill, were both retirees from the National Park Service. Crumbo is also a former Navy SEAL, according to an article from Yellowstone National Park.

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Teams from Grand Teton National Park are participating in the search.
Authorities called on the public to “maintain a distance from all law enforcement personnel, equipment, vehicles and their related activities for the safety of the public in this remote area and to protect the integrity of our work”.

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