The “day of rest” postpones the demonstration against police brutality in the canton of Ypsilanti to Monday

YPSILANTI TWP, MI – Trische ‘Duckworth staged four protests against police brutality last week in Washtenaw County.

The founder and executive director of the nonprofit Survivors Speak is a Christian woman, which means Sunday is a day of rest.

She and other protest organizers have postponed a demonstration scheduled for Sunday until Monday, June 1, she told MLive. The protest scheduled for 1 p.m. on May 31 is said to have taken place in the Apple Ridge neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township, the same location where a White Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputy was shown punching. Sha’Teina Grady El in the head three times before stopping it.

” You can not do this. Ypsilanti woman shown being beaten by Washtenaw MP speaks of altercation

The exact time and location of the protest will be updated later on Sunday or early Monday, Duckworth said, but added that it would likely take place in downtown Ann Arbor. He is not affiliated with protesters who paraded at the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor on Saturday, May 30.

Hundreds of Police Brutality Protesters Rally in Ann Arbor to “Make a Change for Our Country”

Hundreds of protesters attended the Duckworth protests Tuesday through Friday last week, sparked by video of the MP’s altercation with Grady El and her husband Daniyal.

MPs had ordered the Grady Els to vacate the scene of a potential shooting in the Apple Ridge neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township around midnight on Tuesday May 26, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office said. When officers attempted to physically remove the two from the scene, they resisted and the the deputy hit Grady El in the head before taking them both into custody, police said.

” You can not do this. Ypsilanti woman shown being beaten by Washtenaw MP speaks of altercation

The Grady Els were trying to film police forming a perimeter near their daughter Jaquisy Diggins’ home in the 2000 block of Peachcrest Street, Daniyal Grady El said. take action, he said.

The on-scene command officer ordered the Grady Els to “increase their distance” from the police perimeter, Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton said during the body camera footage presentation on Friday .

“They were inside the area that we were comfortable with in terms of safety and risk to (MPs),” he said. “We had a deputy trying to negotiate entry (with the person at the door), and the commanding officer to maintain cover and security for this negotiating officer.

The shootings, the punches and the arrests: 45 minutes of body camera footage of the altercation between the deputy and the woman Ypsilanti released

One item missing from the video is an assistant explaining to the Grady Els that the house is the possible location of the shooter.

“We never got past their patrol car, which I thought was the barrier,” said Sha’Teina Grady El. “One of the (deputies) could have said, ‘Ma’am, we need you stand back six feet, just for your safety … there may be a gunman in the house. ‘ It could have changed him.

In the aftermath of the incident, the sheriff’s office placed the deputy shown hitting Sha’Teina Grady El and other affected staff on paid administrative leave due to union demands. The Michigan Sheriff’s Association is investigating the MP’s use of force against the Grady Els, the sheriff’s office said. These findings will be shared with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for review.

The Grady Els will seek an assault charge against the MP, as well as dismissals of all staff involved, their lawyer William Amadeo said.

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