The long-vacant Hinsdale building could do business

HINSDALE, IL — A business on Hinsdale’s Ogden Avenue may move a few blocks, filling a long-vacant building.

Village officials said they would only approve a special use permit for a business that generates sales tax revenue for the village.

At Tuesday’s village council meeting, trustees heard about Normandy’s plan to move to 222 E. Ogden. It provides for a rear addition and more landscaping, among other things.

The company needs board approval for its outward appearance and site plan.

The village administrators expressed no objection to the plan, even though Normandy would not bring in the sales tax money. Unlike Lakeside Bank, no special use permit is required for Normandy.

“I would like it to be sold to someone where we would get some sales tax revenue,” village chairman Tom Cauley said. “You’re leaving a property on Ogden Avenue. Maybe we’ll get something there with the sales tax revenue. We’re holding out hope for that.”

Village officials asked if Normandy would repave the parking lot.

Dave Mitchell, Normandy’s architectural director, said it was something his company would like to do.

“It’s a budgetary question. We have to see where we are,” Mitchell said. “Our aim is to be there by the end of next year, so we have a lot of work to do between now and then.”

Cauley said he resisted imposing a condition requiring a new parking lot.

“We would like to see it redone,” he said. “In situations like this, I always think it’s your business. You want your customers to come here. You want them to be attracted to this place.”

Cauley also said he believed the landscaping was necessary. Mitchell agreed.

“He’s in bad shape there,” Mitchell said. “It hasn’t been maintained in any way.”

The council has made no decision on the project. He will be able to vote on the project on June 14.

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