The summer heat is here. What are the best ice cream parlors in Utah?

Summer is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time for some cool treats. Below are some of the best places to enjoy delicious ice cream in Utah this summer. Keep reading to get the full “scoop” on the best desserts worth melting down.

Farr Better Ice Cream

Location: Oden.

Details: With over 100 years in the business, it’s safe to say that Farr’s knows what it’s doing when it comes to ice cream. Visit the 1920s vintage site in Ogden and try the most popular flavors, Play Dough and Burnt Almond Fudge. (Fun fact: You can buy “oopsie” flavor balls, or flavors that got mixed together by accident, for just 99 cents.)

Spilled milk ice cream

Location: Multiple locations.

Details: Attention Instagrammers, Spilled Milk Ice Cream is the place for you. Spilled Milk offers unique flavor combinations in the form of aesthetic soft cones and gourmet milkshakes. The Saturday Morning Cone, for example, is cereal-inspired ice cream with bits of Captain Crunch and Apple Jacks swirled into a green matcha cone.

Gelato Dolcetti

Location: Salt Lake City.

Details: While gelato isn’t technically American ice cream, this list wouldn’t be complete without Utah’s oldest ice cream shop, Dolcetti. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, this gelateria is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with the owner’s personal collections and artwork on display throughout the store. Besides ice cream, Dolcetti also sells espresso, tea, chocolate, Belgian waffles and macaroons.

Nielsen Ice Cream

Location: Multiple locations.

Details: Can you say you’re from Utah if you haven’t tried Nielsen Concrete? If you’re a fan of thick, creamy custard, Nielsen has you covered. The store opened 42 years ago in Salt Lake City and Nielsen’s has since expanded to other locations in Bountiful, Holladay, Layton, South Jordan and St. George. Nielsen also offers burgers, fries, shakes and sandwiches.

normal ice cream

Pitches: Salt Lake City.

Details: Despite its name, this ice cream is anything but “normal”. With flavors like sourdough, green apple and raspberry sour cream, your taste buds will be delighted. Visit the store or check out Normal’s food truck in downtown Salt Lake City if you think you can handle the crazy combos.

Doki Doki Dessert Cafe

Location: Salt Lake City.

Details: Switch things up and visit this delicious dessert cafe for a unique and authentic taste of Japan. According to Fox 13, Doki Doki serves “rolled ice cream, Japanese sweet pancakes, fluffy pancakes, refreshing drinks and more.” Discover new flavors like ube purple ice cream with graham crackers or matcha ice cream topped with taiyaki and red bean topping.

BYU Creamery on Ninth

Location: Prov.

Details: Brigham Young University’s Creamery on Ninth sells a wide variety of nostalgic flavors, especially for those who grew up or went to school in Provo. The most popular? The drool-worthy Graham Canyon: A smooth, graham-smooth wonderland interspersed with chocolate-covered honeycomb,” reports Best Things UT.

Rockwell Ice

Location: Multiple locations.

Details: Despite being one of the newest ice cream parlors in Utah County, Rockwell Ice Cream almost always has a line at the door. That’s no surprise, considering this company won America’s Best Ice Cream in 2019 for its outrageous goat cheese ice cream, filled with “swirls of lemon jam, plump blackberries, honey and toasted rosemary almonds,” according to Farm Flavor. Check out one of the Rockwell stores in Provo or Gilbert, Arizona.

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