The University of Utah: Looking forward to the first year

June 8, 2021

Ever since college became a subject of study in my sixth grade, I knew first and foremost I had to leave Idaho.

No matter how much I tried to convince myself that maybe staying in my home country wouldn’t be so bad, I couldn’t help but feel that my potential lay somewhere beyond the borders of the State. During the following years of my Kindergarten to Grade 12 studies, I had come to realize that I wanted to study film, but what I really wanted to get out of my college experience was still unclear.

It wasn’t until I went to a small art gallery in Salt Lake City that I began to seriously consider going to the University of Utah. My brief experience in the gallery gave me incredible insight into the vibrant local creative scene, and I felt like I belonged.

Since I was accepted and enrolled at U, my desire to get started next August has only grown. With the abundance of opportunities and new experiences ahead, new freshmen like me have so much to look forward to.

Here are my top five things I look forward to experiencing on campus this fall: 1. Events

Growing up in a mid-sized farming town in southern Idaho, there wasn’t much in the way of artistic events. This is why I am delighted to attend many demonstrations of creativity on campus (if COVID permits). Whether it’s the Arts Bash at the start of the fall semester or the F & MAD Spring Showcase at the end of the year, I can’t wait to experience it all in my freshman year at the U of U College of Fine Arts. Plus, with Arts Pass, the arts experience has never been more accessible. Using only our UCard, all students can attend various guest shows, concerts and even lectures for free all year round, or at greatly reduced prices.

2. Opportunity

With Utah being one of the fastest growing states in the country, new internship and career enrichment opportunities are also on the rise in Salt Lake City. Both on-campus and off-campus, there are ways to start gaining work experience either through the many Ambassador and Mentorship programs offered at U, or with new startups in the U-region. Salt Lake City. The wide variety of resources available to students make it easy to connect, which I find very reassuring as a new student.

3. Support

When I was researching more information about the U before applying last February, I was immediately impressed by its large assortment of different resource centers and helpful faculty members. Being able to have access to people who could not only help me in my studies but also in my personal life allowed me to know that despite the large size of the campus and the student population, I could always receive help. if I needed it. The Create Success resources make it easy to contact advisors for course information and help get a better idea of ​​what the undergraduate experience looks like. This type of support made me feel comfortable trusting U for the next four years of my studies.

4. Location

The University of Utah’s proximity to both the Salt Lake City metropolitan area as well as many national forests and state parks makes it a great place to experience both the urban and rural aspects of the state of the hive. You can hop on the bus and have dinner in town one evening, and go stargazing in Wasatch National Forest the next. The University of Utah’s Outdoor Adventure store is also making the outdoors more accessible by renting equipment on campus. You can also easily attend many of the events Salt Lake City has to offer with your student ID card. Being able to have access to outdoor and city recreation means I won’t be bored at the U.

5. Academics

What ultimately made me choose the U over other film programs that some may consider more recognized is its selection of different courses that I would not have been able to take had I been in one. traditional film school. With over two hundred majors, minors and certificates to offer, I will be able to study what I love without feeling locked into a single area. In addition, the University of Utah’s partnership with different universities around the world allows me to progress in my studies while immersing myself in another culture through the learning abroad program. As I register for my fall classes, I also look forward to any opportunities that may be available to me in the future outside of the US borders.

With August and the first day of classes on the horizon and getting closer each day, I couldn’t feel more excited for the start of the fall semester and all that the College of Fine Arts has to offer. the University of Utah has to offer.

This press release was produced by the University of Utah. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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