TurnKey Lender and Zūm Rails Announce Partnership for New Era of Credit in Canada

MONTREAL – () – TurnKey Lender, a leader unified loan management software and Zūm Rails, pioneer of instant payment processing will partner to provide Canadian lenders and their clients with a fully digital, automated lending platform with the fastest payment processing time on the market.

With 2020 there is a need to move all loans and payments online, a quick fix to have a fully digital loan application process that can be easily done through a mobile app, with digital signatures and automated money transfers. with automated and pre-authorized EFT the debit has become a loan requirement. With the TurnKey Lender & Zūm Rails partnership, two AI-powered SaaS companies have teamed up to help lenders turn their operational businesses into the flexibility customers now expect.

“This partnership illustrates how our businesses are helping Canadian lenders get everything they need to apply for a loan, and then get the funds they need quickly. With our innovative payment technology and the automated TurnKey Lender process, together we can help lenders and clients get the smartest, fastest way to get the loans they need. This is a great opportunity for us to work together to make a difference in the Canadian lending market, ”said Marc Milewski, co-founder of Zūm.

Zūm Rails is powered by an AI-powered platform that enables B2B and B2C EFT, Interac, and Visa Debit payments to be processed virtually instantly. States, Elena Ionenko, Chief Operating Officer of TurnKey Lender, “This new collaboration will allow our lenders to gain a competitive advantage by being able to offer instant loan financing while having a connected platform that promotes automation and reduces manual labor time. ”

The TurnKey Lender Unified lending platform is an intelligent unified loan management system that automates the entire loan lifecycle. This digital platform includes request processing, risk assessment, decision making, loan creation, underwriting, maintenance, collection, reporting, archiving, compliance, and more. It also allows candidates to be instantly prequalified using the AI-driven credit decision engine. This allows for a better experience for the borrower and lender at a time when a seamless and fast digital lending process is important.

About Zūm Rails

Zūm rails offers better ways to manage ALL of your payment transactions in one place. Powered by powerful APIs and sophisticated software, Zūm is the only all-in-one payment gateway in Canada. The AI-powered platform enables instant bank payments and easier ways to transfer money between accounts.

About TurnKey Lender

TurnKey lender provides businesses with a smart, easy-to-use, integrated SaaS platform that easily adapts to unique business needs and includes all the features needed to make the lending process fully digital. The solution uses artificial intelligence, proprietary bank-grade technology, and advanced API integrations to automate every step of the lending process from a single cloud-based solution.

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