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Riley Thomas

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

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Jade Brakke

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

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Brayden Carter

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

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Stephane Guzzetti

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

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Julianne Ensey

Adam Rubin, Special to Standard Examiner

“I go out at night, and that’s exactly what I do (now). I have nowhere to go, I just go for a walk. Maybe not this past weekend, where we had a heat extreme, but I love going to Pineview, going in the water. And luckily I work indoors too. I turn up the (air conditioning) and stay hydrated. I have two kids and love spending time with them, and above all stay out of the heat. Riley Thomas, Ogden

“I would say I drank more water and stayed inside a lot more. I’ve been to the river a few times; I take my dogs to the Ogden River. I don’t drink enough water. water a day. Right now, I’m lucky if I drink a bottle a day. — Jade Brakke, Syracuse

“I drink a lot of water, that’s the main thing I try to do, that and just stay inside. I like going out, but that’s what I’ve been doing lately. I ride my motorcycle, and it depends on where you are. If I ride in an open area it doesn’t help you stay cool, but if I ride in the canyon it’s much cooler because you can feel the cooler wind and the vibe I guess. — Brayden Carter Roy

“I don’t do much different. The heat doesn’t bother me too much. Stay indoors later, and I spend most of my time in an office. … I will still spend the evening on deck. … I have to work, so it keeps me inside. On the weekends there is garden work, but I do it in the evening when it is cooler. — Stephen Guzzetti, Pleasant View

“I’ve been in Italy all summer and it’s even hotter there. … It was over 105 degrees every day. I just dressed cool, I didn’t go out as much. I did scheduled tours, like in an air-conditioned bus, and I think Italians tolerate the heat very well. They open their windows in the morning, they close them around noon and they reopen them at night. — Julianne Ensey, Ogden

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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