Utah activists protest Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal

SALT LAKE CITY – Dozens of people gathered in Salt Lake City on Sunday afternoon to protest the not guilty verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial.

Rittenhouse shot dead two people during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the summer of 2020.

During his trial, Rittenhouse claimed he acted in self-defense.

“We are organizing a rally in response to Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal,” said Cameron Haskins of the Salt Lake Socialism and Liberation Party (PSL). “We are doing this to defend our right to protest – our rights to have our voice in the streets.”

PSL was one of many activist groups who joined forces to organize the rally which included several speakers and a brief march.

“It is clear that the American legal system will not save us. We have to save ourselves, ”said one speaker at the rally.

Those in attendance believe the outcome of Rittenhouse’s trial highlights injustices in the legal system as the men who were killed were protesting in response to the police shooting of a black man in Wisconsin.

“The anti-darkness is what we’re here for. Anti-Blackness is the reason we lost a little girl like Izzy. Anti-Blackness is why we are on the streets to seek justice for victims of police violence, ”said Rae Duckworth of Black Lives Matter Utah. “It is a root that we can accomplish together.”

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The rally lasted for an hour and was completely peaceful.

Duckworth urged the crowd to remain vigilant, organized and united while remaining active in their cause.

“Organization is the key,” she said. “It’s such a big key. Anti-darkness education is key. It is killing our children.

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