Utah Football unveils new ‘USS Salt Lake City’ uniforms

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – With less than 10 days of the opening of the 2021 Utah football team season, they unveiled their “USS Salt Lake City” uniforms.

Details of the uniform were posted to social media Tuesday morning and were shared by US Navy veteran YN2 (AW) Ryan. Utah will wear the uniform on Saturday, November 20 when it hosts Oregon as part of Military Appreciation Day.

“The USS Salt Lake City was a heavy cruiser during World War II,” Ryan said. “The ship can be identified to have three eight inch guns on the bow. We chose to display number 25 because it is the ship’s hull number. It fought in more combat engagements than any other ship in the WWII Pacific Fleet, earning it the nickname “One Ship Fleet,” which appears on the back neckline.

“The base color of this uniform is dark gray and features dazzling camouflage accents on the shoulders and sides of the pants,” added Ryan. “The patterns on the left and right sides are consistent with the patterns on the port and starboard sides of the original vessel. This is also featured on the gloves. Each uniform features a single Battle Star on the right shoulder. When the ball is in play, there will be 11 Field Stars, meaning the 11 Battle Stars earned by the USS Salt Lake City. One of these battles is depicted on the helmets, each of which has been hand painted by a single artist. Finally, the nested “U” sits on the pant leg and connects the University and our team to the ship. We are proud to represent the USS Salt Lake City, its crew and their accomplishments. Go ‘utes.

On the front of the uniform, above the number and below the Under Armor and Pac-12 logos, it is written “USS Salt Lake City”.

Trevor Allen is a Utah Utes insider for KSLSports.com and host of the Crimson Corner podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @TrevorASports. You can download and listen to the podcast here.

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