Utah ‘millionaire’ imposed deadline on kidnapping victim to ‘love him or be killed’, police say

A self-proclaimed “millionaire” medical cannabis tycoon in Utah has been accused of detaining a woman against her will for weeks inside his home, repeatedly beating her and using a knife to carve number six in her hand – supposedly representing the six months she must have “loved him or be killed”.

The victim eventually managed to text her friend – who would contact authorities – “begging for help” and decrying “she was afraid for her life”, according to an affidavit.

When police arrived at the Salt Lake City home where the woman was being held, they were greeted at the door by Ramone Martinez, 39, who “had his hand in his hoodie pocket.” An officer noticed seeing the outline of a handgun Martinez was holding and ordered him to put his hands up.


Martinez complied and officers swept the house, eventually discovering a woman with “heavy bruises around both eyes,” the affidavit reads. She also said that her ribs hurt, that she had difficulty breathing and “that over a period of several weeks she was threatened with being killed and assaulted.”

“During that time, she couldn’t leave or go anywhere freely,” the affidavit states.

The woman told investigators Martinez at one point had a knife under her throat and in another had a pistol pointed at her head. She said Martinez assaulted her six times the day before police arrived and strangled her to the point of unconsciousness on at least two occasions – once using his hands and another time resting his foot on his neck.

At one point, Martinez “grabbed a knife and carved the number 6 into the victim’s left hand, stating she had 6 months to love him or be killed,” according to the booking affidavit obtained by KSL .

He also allegedly beat her with a belt, causing injuries to her face, KTVX reported. Martinez reportedly threatened to go to Mexico and “chop the victim’s brother” and assault the victim’s mother.

Martinez is charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping, five counts of aggravated assault and one count of assault. He was held in the Salt Lake County Jail last week.

The arresting officer demanded that Martinez be held without bail because the man allegedly told authorities that “he is a millionaire, giving him access to flights and other means of transportation that he can use. would escape, “the affidavit said. Martinez is also said to have boasted of having “many guns” and “having access to a large sum of money to have access to more guns if he wishes.”


The affidavit states that Martinez has businesses in California, Oregon and Arizona. Police said he also had a second home in Arizona, where he planned to transport the victim before police responded.

A LinkedIn profile matching Martinez’s name indicates that he is the CEO of Truu Med, a referral service for cannabis physicians in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. DailyMail also reported that Martinez gave interviews on local television in 2019 to discuss the regulation of the medical cannabis industry.

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