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On the weekend of September 16-18, searchers from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team were invited to attend the Utah State SAR Conference at Utah Park. of Sand Hollow State near St George in Utah. The searchers were fortunate enough to participate in numerous courses, including training with the Utah DPS helicopter in a high-angle rappel rescue scenario. Several major medical scenarios were set up with actors playing the part of casualties, who were then treated and packaged for transport to a waiting medical helicopter for advanced medical attention. UTV and ATV driving skills were taught at various locations. Surface water rescue techniques were taught to recover subjects on land or waiting for a boat. Members of the dive team practiced underwater body recovery and investigation techniques, divers also practiced the use and rigging of lift bags. Water hazardous materials containment skills and equipment were presented. Classes for dealing with deceased subjects during a search were held daily with open discussions among class members. A basic class of SAR drone has also been proposed. Wilderness reduction techniques (dislocated joints) were explained by the medical staff during the lecture. A GPS/map reading course has been well taken by many new seekers. An Introduction to the K9 SAR Class discussed the uses of SAR-trained K9 teams. The conference ended with an invitation to follow the Washington County Sheriff on a 4×4 ride through Arizona to take in the beautiful scenery of the region. Researchers from all four Mohave County units attended the event. Many thanks to the Utah Search and Rescue Association for the invitation and the excellent training.

Courtesy of Mohave County Sheriff’s Office of Search and Rescue

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