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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) — May was truly a feast or famine story when it comes to rainfall across the state. Northern Utah did quite well while Southern Utah had another month on the dry side of things. Beginning with drought in southern Utah, Cedar City and St. George tied the record for driest May, with Cedar City seeing only a trace of moisture while St. George had no no measurable precipitation. Temperatures in southern Utah have approached average.

In northern Utah, we saw healthy totals, especially with the Memorial Day weekend storm. Even with this humidity, Salt Lake City officially fell below average, measuring just 1.68″ of precipitation, with the average being 1.82″. This measurement was taken at Salt Lake City International, but other locations in northern Utah saw above-average rainfall. Logan received over 3″ of precipitation and in Alta at one of the stations over 3.5″ was recorded and that resulted in just over 35″ of snow!

Temperatures in northern Utah are slightly below average.

As for where we should be for this time of year for precipitation in Salt Lake City, we are still below average for the year and the water year. Since January 1, SLC has received 4.9″ of precipitation when on average we would have received 8.46″. Things are looking slightly better for the hydrological year which started in October where since this point we are at 10.57″ while the average is 12.44″.

In Southern Utah in Cedar City, we’re running a bit below par for both at just 1.44″ since Jan. 1 and 4.98″ since Oct. 1. 1 is 7.93″

At the end of the day, we’re still in a tough spot with our severe drought, even in northern Utah. March, April, and May are generally the wettest months in Utah, so falling below average in terms of precipitation is not a great start to the summer season. In none of these months did SLC match or exceed the average rainfall count.

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