Vintage clothing, Utah Jazz fever and Jordan Clarkson converge at the SLC pop-up store

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As the Utah Jazz fan base prepares to welcome the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the NBA Playoff Round 1 on Sunday, getting ready for the game is a must.

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Many jazz fans, looking for a way to show their support, have backed down by sporting retro and vintage gear. A downtown Salt Lake City storefront garnered a lot of attention on Saturday when it launched a pop-up store of old-school jazz gear that drew hundreds of fans of all ages to find a playoff look.

Top Shelf SLC, a streetwear and fashion boutique located across from the Salt Palace on 100 South, and Thifthood, a vintage clothing store specializing in classic Jazz clothing and merchandise, worked together to create a unique Jazz pop-up experience. the same day. before the team takes its first steps towards a possible title race. Utah Guard and 6th Man of the Year finalist Jordan Clarkson also attended the event, promoting on social media and loaning some of his own designs to the store. .

“We hope for the best, expect the worst and it was crazy,” Thrifthood owner Albee Bostrom told ABC4, adding that similar pop-ups are in the works in the future. “I think every year we’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger and hopefully we involve bigger names and get more merchandise so that we can feed the hunger of every Utah Jazz fan.

Clarkson, considered a fashion icon in NBA circles, got involved with the store in a very organic way. As Thrifthood continued to establish itself on social media with its collection of vintage Jazz jackets, shirts, hats and memorabilia, the Provo-based store caught the attention of Clarkson, who began following the store on Instagram. . Thrifthood began to seed some of its products in Clarkson, and a relationship was established.

When Bostrom announced the pop-up store on social media, Clarkson asked if he could ask his team to bring in products from his brand, ShopSix, as part of the sale.

“Obviously, we’re not going to say no,” says Bostrom. “So we got him involved back then and now we’re selling his stuff.”

Clarkson’s brother Bear, who was at the store selling ShopSix shirts and sweatshirts, says his family loves being part of the community and has found a home in Utah. Clarkson, who lives with his basketball player brother, recalls that after one of Jordan’s biggest point blasts, his neighbors decorated his door with congratulatory thoughts and homemade treats.

“People are really friendly, really neighbors,” says Clarkson. “We go out and they cheer him on. We feel very welcome here.

Clarkson says it was this kind of community embrace that made his brother want to get involved with growing small businesses like Top Shelf and Thrifthood.

Typically, Top Shelf’s shelves are stocked with high-end sneakers and streetwear clothing that may appeal to a smaller audience. However, bringing a bit of jazz-flavored nostalgia brought in a whole new crowd of people of all ages and backgrounds on Saturday.

“We have a good number of people buying sneakers and stuff, but vintage just opens it up,” says Jordan Hammel, owner of Top Shelf. “Old school fans, but we also have a 6 year old running in a Clarkson jersey right now so that’s great.”

This 6-year-old, Bronson Lundgreen, had the thrill of his young life shopping with his mother, Britt, at the store. As the two lined up to enter the store, Bostrom presented them with an autographed pair of Nikes worn by Clarkson’s set he had sent to the store. Lundgreen says it is now his most precious possession.

His mother says he has always been a fan of jazz and remembers the days of John Stockton and Karl Malone very well. Bringing his son with him and introducing him to a new era of the team and collecting mementos from different eras of jazz memories was a blast. They plan to attend Wednesday’s game at Vivint Arena, likely wearing some of the gear they bought over the weekend.

Bronson’s favorite player’s autographed sneakers, however, will surely have a place of honor at home in Saratoga Springs. According to Lundgreen, there are many reasons why Clarkson is his favorite.

“I love that he has this mentality of just being good, shooting, getting it right, and doing his thing.”

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