Visit Ogden Launches Effort to Boost Support for Trails Foundation Northern Utah | Environment

OGDEN – Visit Ogden, responsible for promoting travel in Weber County, is partnering with a coalition of mountain towns across the country to promote responsible tourism.

“We know how special our wild spaces are and want to provide resources to support their protection and maintenance for future generations to continue to enjoy,” said Sara Toliver, President and CEO of Visit Ogden, in a statement. communicated. The Weber County group has launched an awareness campaign dubbed Wild4Ogden as part of the initiative.

The hope is to rally support “from those who use our wild places” for groups like TFNU, said Colt Jarvis, director of marketing and communications for Visit Ogden. Jarvis said joining forces with Pledge for the Wild makes Weber County “part of a community of mountain towns across the country that are also committed to responsible tourism and visiting our wild places.” . The other Pledge for the Wild communities are concentrated in the western United States and include Sun Valley, Idaho; Flagstaff, Arizona; and Steamboat Springs, Aspen and Durango, Colorado, among others.

“Leading outdoor communities are coming together to collectively fuel the conversation about responsible tourism and raise awareness of opportunities to directly give back to the wild places of these iconic mountain towns. Whether you are traveling or frequenting your favorite local adventure spots, we encourage you to take a break and figure out who supports and cares for these wild places on a daily basis, ”the Pledge for the Wild website reads.

These images illustrate highlights from two of four posters offered by Visit Ogden, in part to help raise funds for the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah, the nonprofit group that helps maintain trails in the area. Visit Ogden promotes tourism in Weber County.

Together with Pledge for the Wild, a nonprofit group, Visit Ogden also aims to provide responsible tourism advice and share outdoor principles. All donations made in Weber County remain in Weber County and go directly to TFNU.

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