Water issues: Contamination at Sunset, Pleasant Grove; flooding in Salt Lake City

A Salt Lake County Health Department worker takes water samples Feb. 18, 2019. Both Sunset City and Pleasant Grove experienced water contamination issues on Wednesday. Residents of these areas should be careful before drinking tap water. (Silas Walker, Deseret News)

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SUNSET — Some Utahns across the state are experiencing water issues — from contaminated drinking water to flooding.

Residents of Sunset and Pleasant Grove should exercise caution before drinking water from their taps, as each town flushes the water system to remove contaminants.

Overfluoridation of Drinking Water in Sunset City

On Wednesday morning, staff from the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District-Central discovered a malfunction in the fluoride feed station responsible for injecting fluoride into the main Sunset pipeline. The malfunction started the day before and caused too much fluoride to enter the system.

Many cities in the United States safely use small amounts of fluoride in water to help prevent tooth decay. Some people who drink water with fluoride levels above the EPA’s maximum contaminant levels (4 milligrams per liter) for many years may develop bone disease, according to a city statement. Drinking water that contains half the fluoride limit can cause children under the age of 9 to develop brown spots or pitting on their still-forming adult teeth over a fairly short period of exposure.

According to a city press release, Sunset City staff members immediately began collecting samples and flushing the water system. Three of the eight samples tested were above the EPA’s maximum limit for fluoride contaminant levels, between 6 and 13 mg/L. After flushing the system, almost all samples showed safe fluoride levels. The city continues to flush and test the water in the affected area and will provide public results that residents can find at sunset-ut.com.

The Utah Drinking Water Division recommends Sunset residents and business owners flush each faucet used for drinking or bathing water for 3-5 minutes, flush water from service lines appliances, discarding ice and water used for pets, and reporting any strange or unpleasant tastes. , odors or post-rinse discoloration in town. And if anyone experiences negative health symptoms after drinking the water, they should contact their health care provider.

Flooding in Pleasant Grove has compromised the water line

Meanwhile, heavy rain on Wednesday compromised one of Pleasant Grove’s water lines. According to a Facebook post from the city, some residents have experienced cloudy water, and the city is warning residents not to drink or use contaminated water.

A city crew will repair the pipeline and evacuate the contaminated water from the system overnight and hope to fix the problem by morning.

Flooding at Skyline High closed school early

The Granite School District released Skyline High School students early due to heavy rain. The neighborhood tweeted that although flooding at the school is a normal occurrence during periods of heavy rain due to drainage issues and a leaky roof, there has been unusual flooding of the auditoriumresulting in the cancellation for the day of all extracurricular activities that would have taken place there.

After hours of hard work, maintenance crews at Granite Fix It have managed to clean up the excess water, which means the school should be open and back to normal on Thursday morning.

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