Weber County Republicans to Vote on Romney Censorship 1 Week After Utah GOP Resolution


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Last Saturday, a resolution to censor Senator Mitt Romney (UT-R) at the Utah GOP convention failed to go by a slim margin.

A total of 798 delegates voted against censorship, while 711 voted in favor.

Now, Weber County Republicans will vote to pass a similar resolution at their own convention this Saturday.

Up to 600 Republican delegates from Weber County will attend the convention, in person at HighMark Charter School or online. Delegates will then vote on a resolution to censor Romney.

ABC4 spoke to two of the co-authors of the resolution to the senator’s censorship effort and what they hope will happen this weekend.

“No one in the same party had voted to remove someone from their party as well,” Bob McEntee told ABC4, referring to Romney’s votes to condemn President Donald Trump. That’s why he, along with Bill Olson and three other Weber County Republicans, is co-sponsoring the resolution to censor the senator.

“His first impeachment vote was against a duly elected president without evidence,” Olson said. “The second impeachment vote was not the subject of due process. These two things are close to my heart as a patriot and an American.

For the resolution to pass, he will need to obtain a majority of votes in favor. However, the vote could end up being tight with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

Weber County Republican President Lacy Richards must remain neutral on the resolution. Nonetheless, she told ABC4 that many Weber County delegates reached out to her to express concern about the censorship.

“In one of the emails I received this week, the Republican member said, ‘I categorically oppose the censorship of Mitt Romney. He deserves praise. So there is also this opinion, ”she explained.

According to Richards, many delegates emailed him last week expressing similar sentiments. In fact, she said all emails she received over the past week were against censorship.

McEntee and Olson have agreed that next Saturday, whether censorship passes or not, it’s worth the vote.

McEntee further explained, “We want him to be an effective senator, but we also want to send him a message that we didn’t appreciate your representing Utah by voting to condemn our president, possibly losing us. being the White House and possibly contributing to the loss of the Senate.

The link to the resolution can be found here.


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