Who would vote for Donald Trump in 2024? Here’s how much support he has in Utah

Half of the Utahns would vote or consider voting for Donald Trump if he ran for president in 2024.

And 48% of Beehive State residents have a favorable opinion of the former president who continues to claim that voter fraud cost him the 2020 election.

A new Deseret News / Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found that 24% of registered voters in the state would definitely vote for Trump in 2024. Another 26% would consider voting for him.

But 46% say they wouldn’t vote for Trump, while 4% don’t know, according to the survey.

“Although the Utahns as a whole are divided over the former president, he still has strong support from his conservative Republican base and a significant part is ready to vote for him in 2024 if that becomes a possibility,” said Jason Perry. , director of Hinckley. University of Utah Institute of Politics.

Dan Jones & Associates conducted the survey of 812 registered voters in Utah from November 18 to 30. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.44 percentage points.

Of those polled who identified as Republican, 39% would vote for Trump, while 34% would consider voting for him. Only 23% of Republican voters in Utah say they would not choose him in 2024.

Among survey respondents who consider themselves “very conservative,” 53% would mark their ballot for the former president.

While part of Utah’s Republican voters say they would support Trump, Democrats and unaffiliated voters would not. The poll found that 91% of voters who identified as Democrats and 62% who are not affiliated with any political party would not vote for Trump.

“The Utahns are ready to turn the page on the divisive and hateful rhetoric embodied by Trump and his cronies, especially now that we’ve seen Joe Biden rule with the kind of stable, responsible and measured leadership that America deserves to be. ‘a president,’ Utah said. The spokesperson for the Democratic Party said in response to the poll results.

“Plus, nearly half of the Utahns wouldn’t back Trump if he ran in 2024 because they know the way to meet the challenges we face is to move our country forward, not back down. “

Previous Deseret News / Hinckley Institute polls have revealed that the Utahns are divided over Trump’s responsibility for the murderous incursion on the United States Capitol and whether the Senate should have convicted him of incitement. insurrection.

Investigators, experts and the courts have found no widespread fraud in the 2020 election that Trump and his supporters say existed after his loss to Biden. But the former Republican president relentlessly pushed the false narrative as he stoked rumors about another presidential bid.


If he was on the 2024 ticket, Trump would do better with men than women in Utah.

The poll found that only 19% of women would vote for him, while 53% would not. Of the men, 28% would choose Trump, while 40% would not. Others in both groups would consider voting for him or don’t know.

In 2016, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the predominant religion in Utah, rejected Trump in large numbers for a Republican state. He did better with church members in 2020.

Given the opportunity in 2024, 25% of survey respondents who identified themselves as “very active” Latter-day Saints would definitely vote for Trump, 30% would consider him, and 40% would not vote for him. Of the “somewhat active” church members, 25% would definitely choose Trump, 37% would consider him, and 32% would not vote for the former president.

The survey found that the Utahns were also divided over what they currently think of Trump – 48% have a favorable opinion of him, while 48% have an unfavorable opinion, of which 40% have a very unfavorable opinion of the ‘former president.

“Every president since Reagan has seen his endorsements increase in his last few months in office. As with many other political norms, Trump is the exception, ”said Perry.

Trump won Utah in 2020 with 58% of the vote. But he left the White House with the lowest approval rating of his presidency nationally and the lowest in Utah. When Trump stepped down, his favor among the Utahns dropped to 49% after being in the mid-1950s for most of his senior year.

Almost a year later, that’s pretty much where it stays.

“Almost a year after leaving office, the number of approvals for Donald Trump in Utah is extremely low,” the Democratic Party of Utah said.

And, of course, more with the state’s Democratic voters. The poll shows that 89% have a very unfavorable impression of Trump.

While the Utahns are generally divided over Trump, they are much less so over Biden. The results of a Deseret News / Hinckley Institute poll released earlier this week showed 63% disapprove of the job he does as president.

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