Why Salt Lake City’s Chances of Hosting the Winter Olympics Just Got Better

SALT LAKE CITY – The odds of Salt Lake City winning the 2030 Winter Olympics have suddenly improved dramatically.

Officials in Vancouver, one of two other cities besides Salt Lake City to bid to host the Games, said Thursday they would not support a decision to bring them to the region.

“There are billions of dollars in direct costs and potential warranty and indemnification risks on this project that could compromise our government’s ability to deal with the pressures British Columbians face at this time. After careful consideration, the province refuses to support an offer. said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport.

With Vancouver dropped, Sapporo, Japan is the only other place besides Salt Lake City to be announced as a candidate city for 2030.

“For us, that means our chances of having a Games are higher, whether it’s 2030 or 2034,” said Fraser Bullock, president and CEO of the committee that seeks to bring the Olympics to Salt. Lake City. “We think one of them will be in Utah and we’re excited about it.”

All three cities, Salt Lake City, Sapporo and Vancouver have previously hosted the Winter Olympics. The Games last visited the Wasatch Front in 2002.

In April, a delegation of the International Olympic Committee visited several sites should be used if the Olympics return to Utah. Many were already in use in 2020.

“If we have another one here, it will be the highest level and it will be one of those Olympics that we all remember because it was so epic,” said Colby Stevenson, silver medalist at the Big Air 2022 event in Beijing, back in April.

The IOC is expected to make a decision on a 2030 host city next year.

“Creating a bid isn’t easy, it’s very complicated, but Utah is a wonderful place to host the Games,” Bullock said. “We have great people, great infrastructure, great venues, and so we’re looking forward to hosting in the not too distant future.”

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