You can visit the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple, and this is what you need to know in advance

The Salt Lake City Temple has garnered a lot of attention over the decades, and the most asked question is, are visitors allowed to visit it?

Utah is home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – otherwise known as Mormons. In the heart of Utah is Salt Lake City and in downtown Salt Lake City is Temple Square. It’s a major attraction for Salt Lake City and it’s the ground area to learn about one of America’s greatest religions and its fascinating history.

Find out how they made their way through the United States, founded the Temple and Salt Lake City, and the church and their faith today. To see one of the most famous temple complexes in the world, head here to visit Angkor Wat.

History of the Place du Temple

Immediately after crossing the Great Plains and arriving in what is now Utah, Mormon pioneers decided to build their first temple here. It took a long time to finish it – it took about 40 years to finish it after the ground was dug.

  • Dedicated: 1893
  • Cut: 253,000 square feet – Largest Latter-day Saint temple by area
  • Construction time: 40 years
  • Temple itself: Closed for general renovation and seismic renovations
  • Visitors: About 3 to 5 million visitors per year

Salt Lake City that they built is designed into a network of grid streets that places Temple Square in the center – like its origin. Each address is named to indicate how many blocks it is from Temple Square – and in which direction it is.

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Visit the Place du Temple

While tourists in general cannot visit the Salt Lake City Temple, they can visit Temple Square. Like other Latter-day Saint temples, the temple is considered sacred and a temple recommend is required to enter (it is also closed for renovation until 2024). The Temple Gardens, however, are open to the public.

Temple Square is one of Utah’s most popular tourist attractions and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. The Salt Lake City Temple is the centerpiece of this 10-acre plaza in the heart of Salt Lake City.

The facilities at Temple Square are as follows:

  • Salt lake temple
  • Tabernacle of Salt Lake
  • Salt Lake City Meeting Room
  • Seagull monument

The Temple is built with elements intended to evoke the ancient Jewish Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. It was also built to face Jerusalem. The baptismal font mounted on twelve oxen refer to the molten sea in Solomon’s temple, as noted in Chronicles 4: 2-4. For another massive church that one can actually visit, see here why the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is one of the city’s biggest attractions.

Visits to the Place du Temple

There are many options for guided or self-guided tours around Temple Square – all tours are free. Visitors discover everything from artistic and cultural attractions and family history research to places of religious and historical significance.

Currently there are a number of tours available in Temple Square – more will be opening soon. Check the Church of Jesus Christ website for up-to-date information on visits and the impact of the pandemic.

  • Visits to the Place du Temple: This key historic building and experiences on Temple Square. It is run by moron missionaries and is available in over 40 languages.
  • Conference center: This tour begins at the conference center and goes into the history of building the historic structures of Temple Square. See the Christus Statue, Salt Lake City Temple artifacts, and temple renovation from the rooftop of the conference center
  • The Ruche House: It is the official residence of Brigham Young who was the first governor and second President of the Church. Focuses on his role as a prophet, as a family man and as a community leader
  • Relief Society Building: Visit the Relief Society building. It is the headquarters of three Church organizations (each headed by women leaders)
  • Place of Well-being: Tour the Church’s production and service facilities the Church used to bless those in need around the world

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While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the Church History Museum. It delves deep into the history of the church and offers many interactive and engaging experiences for everyone – families and individuals. Discover the spiritual, artistic and cultural heritage of the church around the world.

  • Admission: Entrance to the museum is free

For those who wish to explore the square and learn more about the church, consider the Pioneer History walking tour. This is a 3-6 hour long tour and covering many of Moron’s attractions including the Visitor Information Center, the Deuel Pioneer Log Cabin, the Museum of History and Art of the church, tabernacle, meeting hall, Salt Lake Temple, Pioneer Memorial, Daughters of Utah Pioneer Historical Markers, and much more.

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